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How can you help to prevent drowning?  Check out our Challenge page, it's a good place to start;
it's easy, it's free and it can help you raise money for your community pool. 
Our Mission is to raise awareness and to compel each and every one of you to help. 
Drownings in 2010 ruined thousands of families lives.  
Each drowning victim death can affect a mom, a dad, a grandmother, a grandfather a brother, a sister, an aunt, an uncle, a son, a daughter, a child.
Statistics show that 9 to 10 people DIE every day from drowning; that's roughly 3,500 deaths, EVERY year!
2011 is a new year with a new Challenge & an attainable goal.
The CDC says that the # 1 preventative measure against drowning is SUPERVISION and that includes ALL of us.
are you ready to Take the Pledge?
wear the gear  & raise AWARENESS

HomeYouThe ChallengeProductsSpread the Word

Zero is endorsed by the American Lifeguard Association